The future is a product of our imagination, perspective and general level of hope…I strive to expand in all of those areas.

Fizzlebang – An intense feeling of optimism that sparks a new sense of motivation and wonder for humanity’s future.

Fizzlebang is an eureka moment that describes the sudden overwhelming understanding that anything can be accomplished through human advancement. It is the cure to apathy, a return to the feeling that the future will be brighter than the present.


Movies that demonstrate a positive forward looking setting, using sound and vision to create a feel for the optimistic mood of tomorrow.


Characters and their plots that take place in a world made better through technology, innovation and social advancement.


Stories and ideas of how we can shape the world in a way that is better for everyone. A future that is highly probable with the right perspective.

We hope to promote optimism through shared works.

If you are an artist, writer, filmmaker, journalist or other futurist,

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