When it’s not great to brag.

source: Genesis
source: Genesis

“Highest ranked near luxury car” is apparently supposed to be a positive attribute, so much so that Genesis thought to brag about it in an official capacity. However, since Genesis is marketed and priced as a Luxury brand, isn’t it really more of an insult than an accolade?

Starting a luxury auto maker from scratch and attempting to play catch up to companies who have been in the game for a century is an uphill battle. Even established players have a very hard time running with the pack, just look at Cadillac and Lincoln. One could argue that a new luxury brand’s most important asset is its image and customer perception.  You literally have to convince a customer that a name and logo are worth many thousands of dollars. There are dozens of modern day examples of plebeian status car platforms that underpin their luxury cousins where in a double blind study they would be darn close to equal in most categories. The Honda Accord and Acura TLX come to mind. Why is it then that Genesis was so desperate for bragging rights that they decided to capitalize on an award that calls their most popular vehicle “Near Luxury”? It honestly boggles my mind and appears to be a complete over site from their marketing department.

True, the G80 is a carryover from the Hyundai Genesis sedan, where it was in the near-luxury category, but the minute they shifted and updated the vehicle to be the Genesis G80, they should acknowledge the league it’s now playing in and strip it of all previous presumptions. You don’t build a brand by convincing customers your product is the best at being just below the rest of the options.  Genesis better get serious about their company and their strategy before customers start showing up to look at the all new G70, unless they aspire to just be another Acura or Infinity.  I would imagine it’s a whole lot more profitable to be the next Lexus or Audi instead.

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