Upgrade to a Compact Disc Player

Did you know that there is a new vehicle for sale in the United States that charges a premium for a stand alone CD player upgrade?   When I was selling cars in 2011 the last of the new cars with cassette decks were leaving the lots as 2010 models and within a year or two it became standard equipment on every new model to have a CD player.  Now we have quickly ejected disc players from vehicles in exchange for bluetooth streaming, USB / aux inputs, and infotainment based sources. At least one manufacture decided that some of their customers wanted a CD player enough that they would create a standalone option to add it as a dealer installed accessory.  See, the 2019 Honda Ridgeline.

Source: Honda
Source: Honda

I love how they really sell it to, laying out all the technical jargon you haven’t seen on a CD player description since the 1990’s.  It has 8x Oversampling?!?! That must make CD’s sound……like every other car based CD player.  In Honda’s defense though, I’m glad they took the moment to actually list some specs.  Not doing so always feels lazy to me and I assume it’s just junk.

The accessory itself looks well thought out, doesn’t feel out of place and is well located.  I personally want disc players in my vehicles because the sound quality on a CD is far superior to streaming and most digital files. My 2010 Miata even has a 6 disc changer which means it can hold more CD’s in the dash than backpacks in the trunk.

What are the next technology options to disappear from window stickers but later added to the accessory menu?

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