The Diesel’s are Back!

VW Diesel Fizzlebang
VW Diesel Fizzlebang

The buyout Volkswagen diesels from infamous diesel-gate saga have been fixed and are back on the market as certified pre-owned vehicles, and they are kind of an amazing deal.

Take for example the attached sample, a 2012 SportWagen with the DSG and only 55k on the odometer with an asking price of $11,756. This would have been an unbelievable deal prior to the scandal and that’s not to mention it includes a two year unlimited mileage warranty from VW directly and special low interest 72 month financing.

Can you think of another vehicle with this kind of value proposition? ¬†Any concern you have about the fact that this car sat in a parking lot for a couple years should be offset by the free warranty, any problem should crop up within two years time. Not to mention, if your the type of driver who will do excessive miles in a year, the fact that it’s unlimited mileage is outstanding.

Seeing how these diesel engines can run for literally hundreds of thousand of miles, this particular example is barely broken in. I’m not going to lie, I wish I needed a car right now so I could go take this one for a test drive.

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