A new Bronco is coming

Source: Ford
Source: Ford

Some said that the retro themed nostalgia vehicles were a fad and it would fade with time. They were proven wrong as nostalgia apparently never goes out of style. The vehicles are simply shifting with modern demand and new retro inspired vehicles are cross-overs and SUV’s.  Ford shook the automotive industry recently when they decided to drop all of their sedans from the US market, so it should come as no suprise now that they are doubling down on trucks and SUV’s. The Ranger is back, a mini bronco is in the works to fight the likes of the Jeep Renegade and a tiny little supposed crossover call the eco sport is selling to fill the bottom of the lineup. The halo vehicle for the SUV line-up is going to be the new Bronco.  It’s likely we’ll see other models take styling cues from the Bronco just like how every Jeep product in some way references the Wrangler.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the new Bronco is received and if it will hold a flame to the Jeep Wrangler with its hoards of die hard fans and seemingly unlimited sales potential. No pricing has been announced yet but the base model will probably start a few thousand higher than the Wrangler’s $28,000 MSRP because it won’t be offered in a stripped model as the Jeep is. No matter the price, if it doesn’t arrive with a removable roof it’s going to be an uphill battle fighting for Wrangler customers.

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